Complete corporate travel & expenses automation

Zoliday is the corporate travel management platform that makes it easier to automate your business travel and control costs

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Policies & Approvals

Create as many policy bands as per your policies. Setup distinct multi-level approval workflows for trips and expenses. No restrictions.

Compare & Book

Manage all your travel bookings at one place. We support multiple booking channels including adding your travel agents.

Expense Management

Manage approval flow and disbursement via Expense Desk. Finance team can track spending and calculate travel ROI.

Real-time Reports

Actionable data on trips, spending by travellers, departments, teams and projects. Download anytime.

Automate Travel Desk

We use advanced data algorithms and AI to automate and speed-up processes helping you move forward and spend time on things that matter.

  • Recommendations - Relevant recommendations that take multiple datapoints into consideration.
  • Chatbot - Quick incident resolution like cancellation, rescheduling via chatbots.
  • Fraud detection - Highlight incorrect and fraudlent expenses with our expense analytics tools.

Traveler first

We have built this platform centred around the business traveller, streamlining the entire process from hotel and flight reservations to approvals to expense claims.

  • Autonomy - Travellers book themselves according to their preferences within the defined policy.
  • Less chaos - Streamlined process with personalization, saved preferences, on-demand invoice, no paperwork.
  • Ease of booking - Select the flights and hotels for your trip and pay for all of them at once.

Built for enterprise scale. We manage more than 3,000 trip requests daily from over 100,000 employees.

Top features

Policies and Approvals

Automated policies allowing near 100% compliance. Easily set approvals.

Huge Inventory

Domestic, international airlines incl. LCC available. 150,000+ hotels across the world.

User management

Add employees, edit details or manage their roles. Save travel document info like passport or visa details.

Departments and Teams

Create departments (IT, Finance, etc) and teams to streamline booking management.

Travel Expense Management

Track the spending apart from hotel and flights at a single place.

Reports and Invoices

Actionable data on spending by travellers, departments, teams and projects.

Live Tracking

See where your team members are travelling on any given moment.

Incident Management

Intimation for flight delay/ cancelled, weather and other travel related information.


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