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What are wellness travel and retreats?

Wellness travel retreat can be defined as vacationing while enhancing or maintaining one's well-being—physical, mental, or spiritual.

Today, we are part of a very hectic lifestyle with more than 60 work-hour weeks. Further, digital devices seek our attention throughout the day. Therefore, we need to take out some time to rediscover ourselves. This type of travel and programs generally focus on reenergizing and rediscovering oneself.

What types of wellness retreats exist today?

There are many times of wellness retreat programs running currently. Some of them are ancient like yoga retreats, Ayurveda retreats while others use new techniques like circadian mood lighting, aromatherapy, Vitamin C laden showers,etc. Wellness retreats include but are not limited to Silence retreats, Yoga retreats, Ayurveda retreats, spa retreats, weight-loss retreats, beauty and anti-aging retreats, mental-wellness retreats, Sauna retreats, culinary retreats, wellness retreats for cancer, safari retreats, meditation retreats, Luxury resorts.

How long does the wellness retreat program run?

There are 2 types of wellness retreat experiences. First are the time-bound ones which may run from 3 days to 4 weeks(28 days), the other is flexible ones which let you choose the number of days.

Where can I book a wellness retreat and packages?

You can book wellness retreats directly on zoliday.com

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Zoliday is a travel technology startup helping people discover and book wellness retreats and themed holiday experiences using automated processes and Virtual Reality content.

Zoliday strives to make sure you have the greatest travel experience ever by offering perks in the most unexpected ways, and also that your stay at these destinations is something to be remembered by.

Zoliday provides a compelling customer experience through it's online platform and offline partner network, standardization of services and 24x7 customer support.