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7 new trends in corporate travel that are here to stay in 2021

The world will be quite different post-pandemic. Business travel is evolving rapidly to adapt to this change. Even though companies are prioritizing essential travel at the moment, here are the emerging trends that are here to stay –  Bunched trips Does traveling for just a one-off sales meeting make sense now? Debatable. Last week, Kulin, co-founder […]

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How much of business travel is going to come back?

Business travel is one of the most impacted sectors because of Covid-19. To give some context, in 2019, the entire business travel market, valued at $1.3 Tn, was expected to top $1.7 Tn in 2023. All of that is now impacted by 85-90%! The next 6-8 months are crucial and depend a lot on how […]


What is Zoliday? and 6 other FAQs in 3 mins

What is Zoliday? Zoliday is corporate travel and expense management platform that helps to cut costs by 30% by reducing turnaround times and offering corporate-friendly pricing. Is it suitable for my company? On average, processing one travel request requires 4 phone calls and 8 email interactions at the employee’s end, and 15 emails and 8 […]

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Accelerate approval flow and save 14% directly – with Zoliday’s AI Engine!

Working with hundreds of our clients and analyzing data of thousands of travelers over the past year has made us realize that corporates end up paying an extra 14% because of the delays in travel request approvals by the managers. We at Zoliday have been working to build solutions that will not only remove these […]


GST reconciliation and Input Tax Credit (ITC) guide – How to save more in corporate travel

GST reconciliation for travel has been a complex topic to discuss and even more convoluted to execute. Let’s dive in and decode the puzzle step by step. ITC Savings = Profits With ITC, companies can save up to 5% of corporate travel expenses. One of our customers, a large conglomerate, ended up saving INR 1.5 […]

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Incidence Management – Better Safe Than Sorry!

During these unprecedented times(YES I SAID IT), the word ‘predictability’ has been thrown out of the window. The word ‘predict’ comes from two Latin words – ‘prae’ which means beforehand and ‘dicere’ which means to say. Much to our chagrin, these unprecedented COVID times have ensured that we can’t say or do anything beforehand. The […]

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The Corporate Travel Show: Employer Safety during Covid-19

We are back with a new episode of the Corporate Travel show. In this episode Snehal Nimje ( Co-founder of Zoliday ) and Bhaumik Shah ( Product Manager ) discuss how travel-managers should think about Employee Safety as the lockdown eases up and businesses get back on track. In this episode, we discuss the following […]

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Japanese Mask Culture: How it can help travel industry

COVID-19 has affected all the business sectors but the one that is affected the most is the travel industry. Every other week, we hear airlines filing for bankruptcy. Revenues for most airlines have declined to nil during the lockdown. With almost no revenues, airline companies are unable to manage their finances. Similar disruptions are happening […]

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[Case Study] – Future group achieved 19% increase in policy adherence with Zoliday

Fill in the details below to download case study:   About Future Group – Future Group have a wide portfolio of brands in food, FMCG and fashion. More than 600 million customer visits are recorded across the 2,000 Future Group retail stores, covering over 24 million square feet of space in over 400 cities and […]

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Time to adopt a modern Travel Management Solution

Today we have a special guest, a Corporate Travel industry veteran — Sanjiv Kumar, who shares his thoughts on why now is the right time for corporates to adopt a modern Travel Management Solution. About Sanjiv Sanjiv has been associated with the Travel Technology for the last 17 years with multiple roles covering Software Development, […]