Business Continuity Plan

Duty of Care

For organizations with a global footprint, managing traveler safety and travel operations becomes increasingly complex. Effective business continuity starts with full visibility into when and where employees are traveling and having the right tools in place to enable agile responses when unexpected events occur.

Zoliday simplifies this process with the ‘Duty of Care’ product.

Gain visibility with traveler reports

With Zoliday’s Duty of Care, dive deep into specific components of your travel program and easily see which employees are impacted by global events, or take a look at current travel across your organization with our Live Traveler Map.

Live Map to track travellers

Adapt quickly with granular policy controls

With the safety console, build travel policies that align with your business needs. Easily restrict travel to locations with traveler safety warnings and enforce granular policies for travel by booking type or employee role.

Dynamic Policy Control

Travel advisory monitoring

The safety console sends proactive alerts when countries issue travel advisories or of incidents such as airport strikes, keeping you informed of events impacting business continuity.

Safety Concierge

With Zoliday, your traveling employees have 24/7 *365 access to all the relevant emergency services through only 1 click on the app.

If you want to adopt this to ensure the safety of your employees while on Corporate Travel, you can contact us here.

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