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Incidence Management – Better Safe Than Sorry!

During these unprecedented times(YES I SAID IT), the word ‘predictability’ has been thrown out of the window. The word ‘predict’ comes from two Latin words – ‘prae’ which means beforehand and ‘dicere’ which means to say. Much to our chagrin, these unprecedented COVID times have ensured that we can’t say or do anything beforehand.

COVID came out of nowhere and punched us in the face

The word ‘predictability’ is so important here because it is the bedrock of corporate travel. In general, we count on the flight leaving and reaching on time, the hotel allowing you to check in on time, so on and so forth. In the corporate world where time is so precious, predictability is a strong enabler in doing business.

Now, what if our little bubble of predictability is burst by a small incident raging pandemic? Perhaps something like COVID 19? Corporate admins are mostly used to handling flight cancellations and rescheduling, but how do you combat something of this magnitude? This can’t be solved by calling your travel agent or by calling a helpline where you’ll be put on hold for hours! 

Don’t make your admins feel like this! Empower them with Zoliday!

As a corporate entity, the onus is on you to ensure your employee’s safety during his/her travel. This calls for a comprehensive system to help you know where your employees are and warn them/help them in situations like these. For something the size of COVID, what you actually need is a Genie. While we don’t have Alladin’s genie, we have something that comes pretty close!

At Zoliday, we have built a cracking ‘Duty of Care’. Using this, you can(with consent) track your employees and ensure that they aren’t stuck in a COVID zone. With the Duty of Care’s continuous feed from International and State Governments, you can keep track of the quarantine rules and entry requirements as soon as they are published. It can also alert the employee if he /she is traveling into an area with a lot of COVID cases. Not just this, our TSC can also alert you about natural disaster warnings and other advisories from embassies as well. If you want to know more, please take a minute to go through this link.

You can get all this and much more by adopting Zoliday. To understand more about Zoliday, you can either email us at We’re always up for a good chat!

Stay safe and stay smart (with a smart solution like Zoliday)!

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