Corporate travel management Cost Savings

Accelerate approval flow and save 14% directly – with Zoliday’s AI Engine!

Working with hundreds of our clients and analyzing data of thousands of travelers over the past year has made us realize that corporates end up paying an extra 14% because of the delays in travel request approvals by the managers.

We at Zoliday have been working to build solutions that will not only remove these delays but also help managers make better financial decisions.

Helping Managers make better decisions

For managers to ensure the employees are making the best financial decisions, we have incorporated 2 important insights into the travel request approval screen

  1. Alternate/Cheaper Flights 

This insight will help the manager understand if the employee is booking the best flight for the given time period.

As you see in the image below the employee has requested to book a flight which costs INR 4561 while there are cheaper flights available at a similar time period. In such cases, the manager can ask the employee to book a cheaper flight and generate savings ( $$ ) for the company.

2. Price Trends for the Sector for the Day

Using this insight the manager will be able to may suggest employee travel the next day or take a later flight based on the price considerations

Helping Managers make faster decisions

We also build a proprietary machine-learning algorithm that automatically tracks the flight and hotel price and notifies the manager if the prices increase or are about to increase.

  1. Flight/Hotel Price Notifications – These notifications will tell the manager if the cost of any of the request which is pending on him has increased. Managers can act based on these notifications and avoid future costs for the company.
  2. Proprietary ML model Notifications – These notifications will be triggered when our model suggests if the price of the flight or hotel increases in the near future. Acting on this notification can generate significant savings for the company.

Our internal results show that Managers are 63% more likely to approve the travel request within 24 hrs because of these added notifications.

Any travel manager looking to cut costs and make the most of there travel budgets can reach out to us at

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