GST reconciliation and Input Tax Credit (ITC) guide – How to save more in corporate travel

GST reconciliation for travel has been a complex topic to discuss and even more convoluted to execute. Let’s dive in and decode the puzzle step by step. ITC Savings = Profits With ITC, companies can save up to 5% of corporate travel expenses. One of our customers, a large conglomerate, ended up saving INR 1.5 […]

Corporate travel management

6 Reasons to adopt Travel & Expenses solution now

Companies need complete visibility of trips happening at a given moment. With a compelling T&E automation platform, they not only have real-time information about the ongoing trips but can also regulate/restrict travel on the basis of alerts and advisories. Further, using such a tool, they can pull up travel-histories of employees who recently traveled to restricted zones. And finally, provide a personal concierge that provides the travelers on their trips with clear notifications and actionable solutions.

Business Continuity Plan

Managing Corporate Travel in COVID times

The COVID-19 virus is spreading fast across the globe in different forms that go far beyond the virus itself. In a bid to slow down the spread, governments worldwide have put in place unprecedented regulations and restrictive travel mandates.