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Introducing The Corporate Travel Show: A Podcast Powered by Zoliday

We are excited to announce the launch of The Corporate Travel Show: A Corporate T&E Podcast Powered by Zoliday.

The new weekly podcast will be a series of conversations about corporate travel and expenses, addressing the many T&E topics on the minds of business travelers, corporate travel managers and finance, operations, and HR leaders. We sit down with big-picture thinkers and decision-makers from around the globe to talk about getting back to business travel safely, so we all are prepared for when work travel picks up.

Our first episode Corporate Travel in the times of Covid explores as commercial flight operations resume in India what are the different measures Travel admins should undertake to handle the uncertainty with regards to regulations. Additionally, we also discuss initiatives Corporates should undertake as they look to put their road warriors back on the ground.

Subscribe to The Corporate Travel Show: Powered by Zoliday today on your preferred podcast platform and join us every Wednesday for the latest conversation on corporate travel and expenses.

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