What is Zoliday? and 6 other FAQs in 3 mins

What is Zoliday?
We are a free corporate travel management tool built to save costs by 30% by reducing turn around times and offering corporate-friendly pricing.

Zoliday offers free forever plan. Start here –

Is it suitable for my company?
On average processing one travel request require 4 phone calls and 8 email interaction at employee’s end and 15 emails and 8 calls at travel admin’s end. If you also think that it is madness and wish to adopt a tool that saves time, saves costs, and also helps you make a quick business decision then we are a perfect fit for you. We have freemium plans available with zero convenience fees and zero subscription fees.

What do you mean by travel and expense automation?
Zoliday automates a lot of these:
Basic – Self-booking tool or Operator booking tool, Configure your travel policy, Set different approval routes for in-policy and out-of-policy requests, Centralized travel booking, Travel expense reporting, approval and reimbursement, Mobile application, Reporting and dashboard
Advanced – Dynamic travel policy, Price holding and tracking, OCR receipt reading, Budget control, Employee safety console, GST reconciliation, Automated approval

How can I save costs with Zoliday?
Travel requests have parts – Raising a request, Getting approval, Booking, Analysis, Integrations. Typical lead time from request to booking is 3 days, we help you reduce that to less than 0.5 day

Savings from Request :

  • Promote in-policy requests
  • Request takes less than a minute to create
  • Bulk request upload
  • Saving favorites
  • Showing recommended options on top
  • Clone a request and make changes
  • Mobile application

Savings from Approval:

  • One-click approval which is visible to all stakeholders
  • Price tracking and notification when the price increase
  • Reminder email and app notification
  • Automated approval for recurring plans
  • Automated approval for trusted travelers
  • Automate approval for in-policy requests

Savings from Booking:

  • Zero convenience fees
  • Zero Subscription fees
  • Instant booking on approval
  • Corporate friendly rates
  • Price holding and tracking
  • Cancellation flexibility

Savings from Analytics:

  • Smart graphic dashboard with 16+ charts
  • Flexible report download in json, XML and excel format

Savings from Integration:

  • Integrate with HR software like Workday, Darwinbox, PeopleStrong, Keka
  • Integrate with your your ERP tool like SAP, Oracle 
  • Integrate with you

How much does Zoliday cost?
Zoliday is free to use. There is zer convenience fees and zero subscription fees.

I in interested, what should I do next?
You should start your journey here – or call us on +91 9535135432 or email to us on

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