Future Group achieved 19.7% increase in policy adherence and saved $150k in a year

Future Group (FG) is an incredible organization with 60,000+ employees travelling every corner of the country to ensure smooth running of the business. Monitoring and tracking each movement centrally is a challenge and to ensure if everything is falling within policy is even a bigger one. FG wanted employee to:
  • Understand and consistently follow the company’s travel policy
  • Plan ahead and book well in advance to reduce cost
  • Make booking through official channel and avoid raising tickets as expense
  • Reduce unnecessary travel

Kishore Biyani, CEO

62,000+ employee retail enterprise

Zoliday has helped our staff for easy way of raising travel and reimbursement requests.
The workflows are designed with flexibility that even managers are finding it easy for approval of request raised by their team.
- Sachin Kondilkar, People Office


Adopting Zoliday demonstrated an immediate impact on policy adherence. In the first year of use, Zoliday showed a 19.7% growth in in-policy requests.
Future Group’s previous travel management tool happened to be more of a reaction to the problem and not solving in the long run. Zoliday’s priority was to understand the underlying problems. Our experts worked with the Travel team, HR, and Finance team to get a wholesome picture. Key components:
Drive accountability: Travelers are passionate employees who want to achieve the project goal. Often travel costs are out of consideration while making a travel decision. Zoliday brought it to the front seat and created a separate workflow for out of policy requests. An employee could also submit concluding remarks to evaluate ROI of travel
Ensure transparency: Zoliday enables instant processing of requests, marking it as in-policy or out-of-policy, and giving options to review. It allowed employees to reconsider and go ahead only if it is necessary.
Keep it simple and accessible: Zoliday ensured that the tool is extremely easy to use and available on mobile phone for the simplest of the travelers, this led to a reduction in backdated travel requests by nearly 10%


Future Group gained a lot in most of the challenge areas, a significant impact was shown immediately when Zoliday was in use. Over the year a whopping 19.7% increase in the in-policy request was witnessed.