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Samayama Yoga Academy, Bangalore, India
Samyama Academy of Yoga, NR Colony Branch)


• Experience and deepen their inner journey through Yoga
• Traditional authentic yoga learning environment
• Yoga is all about practice, and little else!
• Kriyas, bandhas, mudras combined with yama and niyama
• Heal your being beyond even your wildest imagination

The Studio

The purpose-built studio is on the 3rd Floor and away from the noise. The 2500 sq.ft facility contains

  • 1500 sq.ft exclusive yoga hall with all yoga accessories
  • A general resting area with bunk-bed
  • Lounge area and general seating/dining area
  • Microwave, Cook-top, Water-purifier, Fridge, Coffee maker, Mixer
  • Modern shower / restroom
  • Changing rooms
  • High-speed internet

English US, English UK, Hindi

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Meal Plan



About Founder of the Academy (In his own words):

Personally, over the last several years, I have felt great freedom from body and mind issues and have felt at ease with myself (free from dis-ease). I have felt excitement that I have been consistently positive to myself and have appreciated my ability to take things in stride without being overly attached or detached. From a physical-social perspective, I have experienced everything from what is commonly referred to as ‘love’ to being ‘well-off’ to ‘losing my own child’ to having ‘lovely children’ to ‘deciding to live independently’ while staying committed to family and society in a way that I best understand. These life experiences and my observation of them and their impact to me through my consistent practice of contemplation, meditation and asana have led me to believe that I am at a point in my life where I feel confident that I can share them with people around me who are interested in the technology of Patanjali.

I decided that I would dedicate the next several years of my life learning through sharing my lessons from practicing asana and meditation with the goal of helping people achieve their true potentials through understanding, gratitude, non-violence and compassion. I believe I have done significant research on thought patterns and associated emotions and have applied them to my life to experience what I believe as ‘life-changing results’. My practice has made me believe that there is great benefit through learning contemplation and understanding thought patterns and ways to align and manage their thought processes in order to create greater harmony for themselves and the world. Even while trying to share, I understand that everything is already perfect in nature and nothing needs any change. It is only my own excitement of having experienced unique results that I feel an urge to share the same.

I do not follow any specific religion and believe that religion is only a tool meant to achieve progress and not an end in itself. My classes will be based on techniques derived from several religions and my own experiences from my practice.


Samyama Academy of Yoga is dedicated to providing a traditional authentic yoga learning environment to its students. The academy strives to inculcate understanding and experience of the various aspects of yoga practice in our students to help them learn, and eventually share their learning with other such students. The academy is committed to the teachings of Buddha through practicing acceptance, non-violence and compassion for all beings in all our classes and to the teachings of Patanjali through dedicated and relentless practice of Yoga.

Samyama believes that every human being has taken form to make progress along the lines of peace and happiness and it is only the lack of commitment to understand the self and a lack of determination to remember/replenish the right understanding at key decision moments that cause confusion and suffering. Samyama intends to create an atmosphere of learning and sharing where students can focus intensely on their body-mind complex and make conscious progress.


Samyama Academy Of Yoga 39/1, 3rd Floor, Sannidhi Road, N R Colony, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru – 560 004

How to Reach

• Bangalore by Air

You can reach Bangalore via air at Bangalore International Airport which is located at a distance of 40 km from the city. From here you can take prepaid taxi services and bus services to reach the city. Many national and international flights lands on this airport making approachability of the city easy.

Nearest Airport : Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore

• Bangalore by railways

Bangalore railway station is located in the heart of the city. Various trains from all over India come to Bangalore which includes Mysore express from Chennai, Karnataka Express from Delhi and Udyan express from Mumbai which covers many major cities in between. How to reach Bangalore becomes easy by these ways.

  • Understanding pain and working patiently with it
  • Yoga is all about practice, and little else!

Samyama Academy of Yoga

39/1, 3rd Floor, Sannidhi Road, N.R.Colony, (Above State Bank of Mysore, NR Colony Branch), Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004, India

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